Enjoying Your Special Day-How to Plan a Worry Free Wedding

Planning a wedding can quickly take its toll on the newly engaged Bride and Groom. Shortly after popping the question, calendars begin to fill up with meetings for vendors, venues and wedding shows. Appointments are made for dress fittings, and friends and family begin to give their, often unsolicited, input.

Although getting married should be a joyous event free of what seems like petty stress in the overall picture, it often seems impossible once the wedding monster has been awakened. How then, can we calm our nerves, take a deep breath, and plan efficiently without the added stress? Here are a few quick tips to planning a worry free (or as close as you can get!) wedding:

Give yourself time! YOU are setting the date for your big day. Don't let Aunt Sue tell you a winter wedding is not as pretty or the summer time is too hot. Do what you want with your day. Give yourself plenty of time to plan without having to stress or worry that your top picks may be booked.

Go to wedding extravaganzas. Attending a wedding show is the closest you'll get to having vendors all meet on your doorstep. This way, you often find top talent all in one stop.

Elicit help! Get your friends and family involved (with a clear understanding that you are the boss). Many of your more soft spoken loved ones would probably enjoy the opportunity to be part of your special day, but also wish do give you space. Do not be afraid to speak up and ask for help when needed!

Research your vendors. CB Art Photography, a highly reviewed Indian wedding photography company knows the value of client feedback. At the end of an event, they always ask themselves if they have fulfilled their client's need. This is the type of vendor you want in every aspect fo your wedding. Make sure you find the perfect vendor for your day, so you are not left with any surprises.

Planning a wedding does not have to be a task. With plenty of time, choices, help, and research, a wedding can come together smoothly without worrying over minor details. Remember that this is a joyous occasion and that in the end, you will spend the rest of your life with your new spouse even if the wedding has some bumpy spots!

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The New and Exciting Trends in Wedding Photography and Indian Weddings

The art of wedding photography has seen numerous trends over the years. Some of these trends fit well with any culture or wedding atmosphere while others do not translate well into specific cultural celebrations.

When photographing Indian weddings, there are many things to take into account to ensure the highest quality in pictures and video to compliment new trends in the photography industry. Indian weddings are vibrant and full of life and culture. Monochromatic, or black and white, photos have become a recent trend in wedding photography. While these photos can create a sense of artistic variation and nostalgia, it is important for someone photographing an Indian wedding to keep in mind and appreciate the vibrancy and life infused into each celebration.

Another key aspect for wedding photography, and most especially Indian photography, would be a keen sense of detail for the intricate aspects of each ceremony. For instance, with the Mehndi ceremony, a photographer should be prepared to take detailed, close-up photographs of the Henna painted on the Bride and her female companions. For many Brides, this ceremony is the true beginning of the wedding celebration and should be captured in the most intricate ways possible.

One photography company, CB Art Photography Reviews in Rockville, Maryland, is known for photographing and videoing Indian weddings and is well reviewed for their work. They make every effort to capture each moment in a way that leaves the Bride a Groom a lasting impression of each ceremony to take with them and pass on to their children in the future.

Understanding the culture and deep roots in heritage and family is key in providing glamourous, thought provoking photos for Indian weddings. Finding the perfect photographer to capture these memories n be one of the most treasured aspects of an Indian wedding with the celebration if over and life together as Man and Wife begins!

Easy to Reach

There are many photographers and photo companies that dedicate themselves to a specific genre or niche market that they specialize. In the case of CB Art Photography, their specialty is Indian wedding photography and cinematography. These experts know exactly what they are doing when it comes to these types of weddings. From traditions, to special events, and pre- and post-wedding photo opportunities, CB Art Photography takes the best photos and creates fantastic films that when seen will bring people to believe that they are actually at the celebration once again.

For many years CB Art Photography has been in the wedding photography business. Originally, the company was started by a group of photographers who all believed that wedding photography was an art and should be treated as such. This group of professionals was passionate about this art type. From the point they started their company, they dedicated themselves to creating their art with their passion. This is merely one of the reasons why CB Art Photography is highly reviewed by many clients who were happy to experience the high quality work of these professionals.

Though they are considered to be an industry leader, CB Art Photography with their great reviews, makes sure to stay easy to reach for any person who is looking to employ their services for their Indian wedding photography needs. This being a niche market that the company is in, they look forward to being available for anyone and everyone who is looking for someone of their caliber of photography and cinematography. For more information about CB Art Photography and what they do best, visit them online at cbartphotogaraphy.com or give them a call at 301 787 1179.


There is so much planning put into a wedding. There is an extensive amount of hard work placed into each and every detail no matter how minute the detail may be. This is true of almost every wedding, which is why hardly ever are there are no two weddings that are the same as each other. When a wedding has an elaborate amount of work put into it, CB Art Photography believes that the photography and cinematography of the event should show that authenticity of the wedding. That is why this photography company puts in a great effort that matched the effort of the planning into the photos of the wedding.


The amount of work that these professionals put into their work is unparalleled in their industry. CB Art Photography’s reviews will show that they aim to please their clients, even meeting with them one on one to establish a base of what they betrothed would like to see most in their potential wedding album. The photographers and cinematographers of CB Art Photography are passionate about their work, which is why they are considered to be an industry leader in Indian wedding photography. There are nothing but praise in the reviews of CB Art Photography. Their hard working ethic, eager to please their clients, is simply difficult to find a fault in.

In the world of Indian wedding photography and cinematography, there is no more trusted name that CB Art Photography. They established their local presence in Rockville, MD and have grown to have a regional recognition in the Unites States. To learn more about what CB Art Photography can provide visit them online at cbartphotography.com or feel free to give them a call at 301 787 1179.